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5 Things Site Owners Need To Know About Recent Sprint T-Mobile Merger Rumors

Wireless industry analysts are making bold predictions of what is to come in 2017. Since the start of the New Year, rumors of a Sprint T-Mobile merger have resurfaced. In an effort to make sense...

Analysts Predicting an Uncertain 2017 for the Wireless Industry

A merger could be within reach under a Trump Presidency putting some cell site locations at risk for consolidation, according to wireless lease experts at TowerPoint Capital

A Trump Presidency, stock market changes and big company announcements… Are these signs pointing to a telecom merger in 2017?

After a record-breaking election and a Donald J. Trump Presidency gearing up for the next four years, what is the future outlook for site owners? With a republican in the White House, talks of a...

Sprint Spinning Off New Power Related Company

PRLOG – ATLANTA, April 5, 2016

Softbank - Sprint merger completed, Masayoshi moves on to acquire more networks

It’s no secret that the current CEO of the Softbank Corporation, Masayoshi Son, has decided to set himself a goal of being able to create and develop the biggest mobile communications company in...

Sprint Shuts Down Nextel Network, 800 Jobs Lost

September 11, 2013 - Sprint fires 800 customer service employees after Softbank buyout and the shutdown of Nextel Network.