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Will Sprint’s Magic Box Give the 4th Major Wireless Carrier the Boost It Needs?


Sprint T-Mobile Merger Will It Happen In 2017

It’s a story all of us have heard before… The stars could be aligning for Sprint and T-Mobile to merge this year. According to a Bloomberg Report, Sprint and its majority owner, SoftBank, met with...

Future Challenges To The Tower Leasing Model

Wireless carriers are aggressively pursuing lease renegotiations and cell site relocations which are directly impacting landlords and tower companies. The current tower leasing model is showing...

FCC Spectrum Auction Ending this Week… Merger and Acquisition Activity Expected in Full Swing

What does this mean for wireless lease land owners?

5 Things Site Owners Need To Know About Recent Sprint T-Mobile Merger Rumors

Wireless industry analysts are making bold predictions of what is to come in 2017. Since the start of the New Year, rumors of a Sprint T-Mobile merger have resurfaced. In an effort to make sense...

Analysts Predicting an Uncertain 2017 for the Wireless Industry

A merger could be within reach under a Trump Presidency putting some cell site locations at risk for consolidation, according to wireless lease experts at TowerPoint Capital

A Trump Presidency, stock market changes and big company announcements… Are these signs pointing to a telecom merger in 2017?

After a record-breaking election and a Donald J. Trump Presidency gearing up for the next four years, what is the future outlook for site owners? With a republican in the White House, talks of a...

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cell Site Decom Risk: Truth or Myth?

If you are a wireless site owner, you've probably received dozens of phone calls and letters saying your cell site and lease are at risk of being terminated and taken down. As the owner of a cell...

From Baby Bells To Wireless – How The Mobile Industry Has Evolved

The technology that governs wireless communication has changed tremendously over the last few decades. The major players and organizations involved in the telecommunications industry have also...

Sprint Spinning Off New Power Related Company

PRLOG – ATLANTA, April 5, 2016