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[INFOGRAPHIC] Cell Site Decom Risk: Truth or Myth?

If you are a wireless site owner, you've probably received dozens of phone calls and letters saying your cell site and lease are at risk of being terminated and taken down. As the owner of a cell...

TowerPoint Capital Attending the 2016 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show

Jesse Wellner, TowerPoint Capital CEO, and Dustin Cahill, TowerPoint Capital Managing Director, Attend the 2016 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show

How are Cell Site Lease Rates Determined?

When it comes to cell site lease rates, most land owners are not sure of how these are determined. However, there are a few important factors that cell carriers and tower management companies take...

From Baby Bells To Wireless – How The Mobile Industry Has Evolved

The technology that governs wireless communication has changed tremendously over the last few decades. The major players and organizations involved in the telecommunications industry have also...

Sprint Spinning Off New Power Related Company

PRLOG – ATLANTA, April 5, 2016