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TowerPoint Donates to American Red Cross to Assist With Long Term Disaster Relief

TowerPoint Capital Continues Its Partnership with Wireless Infrastructure Association for 2018

Sprint & T-Mobile Merger… Is It Happening or Not?

Hurricane Maria Devastates Cellular Service in Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands

Hurricanes and Cell Towers - How Did They Fare?

TowerPoint Capital is Partnering with American Red Cross to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

Will Sprint’s Magic Box Give the 4th Major Wireless Carrier the Boost It Needs?

Sprint T-Mobile Merger Will It Happen In 2017

Future Challenges To The Tower Leasing Model

FCC Spectrum Auction Ending this Week… Merger and Acquisition Activity Expected in Full Swing

5 Things Site Owners Need To Know About Recent Sprint T-Mobile Merger Rumors

Analysts Predicting an Uncertain 2017 for the Wireless Industry

A Trump Presidency, stock market changes and big company announcements… Are these signs pointing to a telecom merger in 2017?

How Cell Phones Are Utilized During Emergencies

About TowerPoint Capital Cellular Lease Purchase Program

Who will be the wireless carrier victor of the Summer Olympic Games?

Independence from Your Wireless Lease

The Case for Flagpole Cell Towers

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cell Site Decom Risk: Truth or Myth?

TowerPoint Capital Attending the 2016 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show

How are Cell Site Lease Rates Determined?

From Baby Bells To Wireless – How The Mobile Industry Has Evolved

Sprint Spinning Off New Power Related Company

Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to Bid Billions at FCC New Spectrum Auction

TOWERPOINT CAPITAL Joins PCIA - The Wireless Infrastructure Association

TowerPoint Capital Maintains A+ Rating from BBB

AT&T Faces $100 Million FCC Fine

T-Mobile Asks FCC For More Time for Rural Build Out

SoftBank Green Lights Sprint Network Upgrades

Verizon Towers Will Serve as Air Traffic Control for Drones

Sprint Latest To Offer Rollover Data

Sprint, T-Mobile Join Forces To Raise Spectrum Reserve

At Sprint, Unlimited Data May Be On the Way Out

Preparing for Disaster: Carriers Plan for 2015 Hurricane Season

FCC Moving Spectrum Auction Draft Forward

AT&T Asks FCC for Designated Entity Caps

Dish Network Speculation Grows

T-Mobile Ties With Sprint With Coverage of 280 Million POPs

T-Mobile takes a jab at Verizon

Verizon Announces Eight-City Tour, New Partnerships to Tout IoT

T-Mobile’s New Customers Pressuring Its Profits

Sprint Announces Leader of Hispanic Business Unit

Verizon Q1 Impacted by Competitor Pressure, Prepaid Customer Losses

Survey Notes Sprint Losing Carrier Rate War

The Case for Small Cells

Sprint Offers House Calls, Rate Cuts to Customers

FCC Fines AT&T $25M for Consumer Privacy Violations

Court Says No to Verizon Residential Cell Tower

Sprint Settles Case for $130 Million

Sprint Chooses Windy City for LTE-Advanced Upgrade

T-Mobile, AT&T Gain Strides Over Sprint, Verizon in Q1

Despite Losses, Verizon Execs Shown the Money, Not the Door

East Coast Most Likely to Benefit from Verizon Small Cell Investment

Broadcasters and 4 Major Cell Carriers Warn FCC Regarding Interference Issues in 600 MHz Auction

U.S., Global Firms See Wireless Power as Gateway to Capitalizing on Space

Ericsson Invests in the East With Sunrise Technology Purchase

Sprint Set to Improve & Expand LTE Network by Adding up to 20,000 New Cell Sites

AT&T Abandons Goal of Deploying 40,000 Small Cell Sites by Year End, Citing Benefits Associated with Leap Deal

Cincinnati Bell Scores Small Cell Deal with Unnamed ‘National Carrier’ said to be worth as Much as $30 Million

Bidding Arrangements Made by Dish Network’s DE Bidding Clouded Process – AT&T

“There Will be Legal Action” – AT&T CEO to Federal Communications Commission

Verizon Still Dominating A Few Sectors despite T-Mobile Managing to Gain Ground

Predicted Sales Figures for Verizon’s Landline Assets and Cell Network Towers Could Easily Top the $11 Billion Mark

Verizon Puts in Request to Federal Communication Commission to “Correct Record” Regarding Network Access Restrictions

Verizon Contemplating Move That Would See Towers and Parts of Wireline Business Being Sold Off

Samsung Changes Chief of Mobile Marketing Ahead of Galaxy S6 Launch

Nokia Sees Sales Increase Substantially in Fourth Quarter Due to Booming Network Business in North America

AWS-3 Spectrum Auction Held by Federal Communications Commission Ends with a Record $44.9 Billion in Bids

Sprint Expecting to Spend Approximately $500 Million per Year on Small Cell Sites – Analysts

AT&T Estimates a $10 Billion Charge in its Quest to Abandon Landline Service over Copper Wire in Some Areas

FCC Could Slap AT&T with Hefty Fines Regarding Current Throttling Policies

The Potential Future of 5G Cellular Networks – Predictions for 2015

New Net Neutrality Regulations to be Voted on by FCC in February

2015 Consumer Electronics Show Offers More for ‘Connected Everything’ and Less for Carriers

T-Mobile’s Legere Promises to Compete Head-On with Verizon’s Network and Overtake Sprint in 2015

Market Leaders Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Apple Severely Affected by Competition in 2014

U.S. Wireless Industry Not Competitive – FCC Report

T-Mobile Pushing FCC to Set Aside Additional ‘Reserved’ Spectrum in Upcoming 600 MHz Auction

Verizon’s Margins Will Remain Under Pressure in Fourth Quarter, Still Has Network Advantage

Raleigh, Pioneer of Wi-Fi Technology, Predicts What the Future May Hold for Wireless Technology

Alaska Communications will Sell Spectrum and Subs to GCI and Exit Wireless

Deployment of Small Cell Network Infrastructure Finally Gaining Momentum

Sprint Offers to Reduce Bills for Verizon and AT&T Customers

$40 Billion Mark Surpassed in FCC Auction

News Relating to Infrastructure from Vertical Bridge, Dycom and Crown Castle

Significant Development Levels Experienced with Regards to Available LTE Coverage throughout US

Tower Companies, FirstNet, Dish and FCC Classified as Early Winners in Successful AWS-3 Auction

T-Mobile US Expands its Wideband LTE Service Offering

Sprint Does Not Need to Fail for T-Mobile to Succeed – T-Mobile CFO

First Round of AWS-3 Auction Draws More Than $1.7 Billion

T-Mobile Will Not Require Assistance to Purchase Additional Spectrum – DT CEO

Is it Possible that Sprint May be on somewhat of a Downward Spiral?

AT&T Sued by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over Data Throttling Policies

T-Mobile US Data Roaming Push Countered by AT&T

452 Jobs to Be Cut at Sprint Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas City

Why Consumers Should be Concerned Regarding Upcoming U.S. Government’s Wireless Spectrum Auction

T-Mobile in a Bid to Prove that it is Better off as a Standalone Carrier

Exit of Vodafone U.S. May Serve as Cautionary Advice for Owner of T-Mobile

Recent Report Shows that as Many as One in 10 Cell Tower Sites Violate FCC Rules with Regards to RF Impacts

Barrage of M&A Rumors Dismissed as ‘Craziness’ by T-Mobile’s Legere

Cell Towers Will Not Be Needed For Future Smartphones to Connect and Operate

Network Pact to be Expanded Between Nokia Networks and T-Mobile US Cellular

Verizon Expresses Interest in Tower Sale after Seeing AT&T Sell its Wireless Towers for a Price of Close to $5 Billion

U.S. Cellular Plans Tower Sale amidst Its Launch of M2M Solutions and Pricing Structures

Sprint Planning to Vastly Improve Spark Coverage in up to Five Cities within the Next Two Years

Sprint Makes Decision to Not Partake in Upcoming AWS-3 Auction

Latest Infrastructure News Reveals WesTower’s AT&T Contract as well as Crown Castle’s Fiber Purchase

FCC Chairman Stresses Importance of Operators Participating in Upcoming 600 MHz Incentive Auction

Verizon Wireless Comes Close to Acing Survey Conducted by J.D. Power

Iliad Still Open to Improving Previous Bid in Effort to Purchase 56.6% of T-Mobile US

MVNO FreedomPop Could Potentially be Taken Over by a ‘Major Cellular Network Carrier’

Azimuth Systems Performs Comparison Tests on Network Performance of US Cellular Operators

T-Mobile US Overtakes Sprint as the New No. 3 Cellular Network Carrier in Terms of Performance

Verizon Wireless Still Ranked Top of the List with Regards to Overall Network Performance – RootMetrics Report

New Sprint CEO Enthusiastically Takes the Reins despite Potential Upcoming Challenges

Determining and Grading the Top Wireless Network Carriers in the U.S.

FCC Chairman Troubled by Introduction of Verizon’s LTE ‘Network Optimization Policy’

$15 Billion Bid Made by France’s Iliad Would Enable Them to Purchase Majority of T-Mobile US

Rules Set for $10.5 Billion AWS-3 Auction; Dish and T-Mobile Denied Request to Split Spectrum

Crown Castle Spots Small Cell Opportunity in Wireless Market

Potential Deal between Sprint and T-Mobile US Receives Backing from Billionaire John Paulson

TowerPoint Capital Names Jesse Wellner as CEO

TowerPoint Capital Announces Investment from AllianceBernstein Middle Market Private Credit Investing Platform

‘Cell Site of the Future’ Plans from AT&T May be Derailed

T-Mobile and Sprint Stocks Surge Ahead as a Result of Positive Nikkei Merger Report

Spectrum Swap Being Planned Between T-Mobile US and AT&T

FCC’s Plans to Use 3.5 GHz Band Incite Debate Regarding Sharing and Unlicensed Use

CEO of T-Mobile US Continues Fight against Claims Made by Federal Trade Commission

Co-Operating with the Competition can be Beneficial in Wireless Site Development

How Much Spectrum is Collectively Owned by Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile

Verizon Acquisition - Targeting Dish Network’s Spectrum And Related Assets

Sprint Reportedly Has Funds on Hand to Secure an August Offer in Bid to Purchase T-Mobile US

American Tower Makes Executive Decision to Expand Into Brazilian Cellular Market

Sprint Brand Likely to Take a Back Seat to T-Mobile if Companies Go Ahead with Merger Deal

AirFire Mobile in Wisconsin to Sell All Existing Tower Assets and Spectrum to U.S. Cellular for $91.5 Million

Sprint Buying T Mobile?! Cellular Market Could See another Major Merger

Masayoshi Son Makes $58 Billion Profit as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Files to Go Public

Ground Lease Aggregators And Towercos Can Be Allies

Sprint Makes a Move and Introduces a Cheaper Pay As You Go Plan to Their Customers

Doubt Voiced by Owner of T-Mobile Regarding Possible Merger Deal

Sprint Cries Foul As FCC Proposes New Incentive Auction Rules

Is the FCC’s New Spectrum Screen Proposal a Gift to AT&T and Verizon?

AT&T Weighs in on Sprint’s Fiery Battle With the FCC

Narrowing Losses Result in 10% Increase in Sprint Share Values

AT&T Hatches Plan That Will See In-Flight LTE Service Being Offered by as Early as 2015

A Brief Look at This Week’s News from SkyWave, U.S. Cellular, Shazam and WiTricity

AT&T Announces $500 Million Joint Venture with The Chernin Group

FCC Makes Progress with Regards to Implementing Bidding Limits at Upcoming 600 MHz Spectrum Auction

Ericsson Business Strategy Chief Doug Gilstrap to Leave Company Later This Year

T-Mobile Eliminates Overage Charges and Encourages Competitor Networks to Follow Suit

US Cellular Plans to Expand its LTE Network Coverage Substantially This Year

How the Four Major Cellular Network Providers Could Benefit From the Upcoming Incentive Auction

Verizon Purchasing Spectrum from Cincinnati Bell for $210 Million

Sprint to Cease Using WiMAX Network Infrastructure and Technology by End of 2015

Verizon Stock Declines Regarding Concerns over Debt Levels and Increased Competition from Rival Carriers

Sprint Joins Forces with Rural Carriers to Form Larger LTE Network

AT&T Makes Decision to Approve Additional Share Repurchase Plan

Upcoming Vote to Decide Whether Restrictions Would be Imposed on Future Spectrum Auctions or Not

AT&T Spends More Than $825 Million on South Carolina Network Enhancements

Over $649 Million Invested in New Jersey Wireline Telecommunications Infrastructure by Verizon in 2013

Industry Consolidation Inevitable According to CFO from T-Mobile US

Contractors and Firefighter Killed as Cell Phone Towers Collapse in West Virginia

More than 20 New Cell Sites Launched by Cell One This Year

Cell Tower Lease Law Basics: Towers Can't Be Banned But Can Be Changed

Residents, Landowners Join the Great AT&T Sale of Cell Tower Leases

A Cell Tower in Nature’s Clothing: Faux Towers as Profit Opportunities

Concealed Coverage: How Carriers Select Prime Cell Site Locations

Cell Phone Towers: Now is a Good Time to Sell One’s Cell Tower Lease

What Wireless Carriers Look for When Checking out Cell Tower Locations

Choosing the Right Cell Tower Locations for the Right Amount of Profit

Viber Media to be Sold to Popular Japanese Net Retailer Rakuten for $900 Million

Crown Castle Recommendation Upgraded from Neutral to Outperform

Ericsson Network Chief Predicts That Carrier Investment in VoLTE and SDN Looks Set to Increase

Wireless Infrastructure Shrinks as Cell Usage Grows

Verizon Expands 4G Network Coverage to Infamous Dead Zone in Northwestern Corner

Federal Communications Commission Needs to Remain Vigilant Regarding Proposed Net Neutrality Policy

Communications Service Providers Can Survive Upcoming Industry Changes

Cell Towers Bill Receives Approval from Georgia House of Representatives

US Anti-Trust Chief States That Wireless Mergers May Lead to Scrutiny

Sprint Rallies after Remarks Made by CEO of T-Mobile Regarding 4G Update

Should Sprint Make a Move With Regards to Purchasing T-Mobile?

AT&T Will not Place bid for Vodafone Just Yet

High Profit Margins at Verizon May Not Last for Much Longer

AT&T Stock Profits Surge as a Result of Improved U-Verse and Wireless Business

GTCR Manages to Close Buyout Fund Worth Almost $4 Billion

South Korea Eager to Invest as Much as $1.5 Billion in 5G-Based Mobile Network Infrastructure

Towering Over: How Landowners Can Maximize Cell Tower Lease Provisions

All Towered Up: On Resolving Fair and Agreeable Cell Tower Leases

A Brief Outlook on Wireless Industry Stocks for the Year Ahead

Lucrative Deals Await Landowners as Telecom Firm Adds Cell Tower Sites

How Property Owners Can Enjoy Profit from Cell Tower Lease Agreements

Cell Site Lease: A Unique Way for Schools to Generate More Income

Four Factors that Determine the Worth of Cell Phone Towers in a Lease

Crown Castle Stock Report: Company Receives "Neutral" Rating From Zack's

Cell Tower Locations as Real Estate Investments can be Very Profitable

Banks Eager to Provide Funding to Sprint in Their Bid for T-Mobile

CEO of AT&T Plots Favorable Growth Agenda for America’s Cellular Industry

Interest in Verizon Stock Peaks

American Tower Stock Shares Could Gain 20% in Move to Improve Service by Wireless Carriers

Nickolay Lamm Shows us What Cities Would Look Like if Cellular Network Frequencies Were Visible

Cell Tower Lease Facts: What You Should Know Before Signing a Deal

Sitting on a Gold Mine: Evaluating Your Land for Cell Tower Leases

Cash In On Your Flagpole: Lease Property to Cell Phone Tower Companies

TowerPoint Educates Clients on Maximizing Profits of Cell Tower Sites

AT&T Closes Tower Deal to the Value of Almost $5 Billion With Crown Castle

Great Rental Rates for Your Cell Site via an Institutional Investor

AT&T to Sell Connecticut Wireline Operations to Frontier in Bid to Fund Necessary Network Upgrades

From Lattice to Concealed: A Look at Four Kinds of Cell Phone Towers

Regardless of Technology Price Increases, Investors Still Show Enthusiasm Over the Mobile Industry

Cell Tower Locations: What Interested Property Owners Should Know

US Cellular Giant AT&T Links with BhartiAirtel to Expand Market Reach in India

Verizon CEO Reports That Wireless Problems in New York Should Soon be a Thing of the Past

LTE Networks

Verizon Makes Decision Regarding $130 Billion Vodafone Purchase Deal

Sprint Considering the Purchase of Midwest PCS Spectrum Licenses from Revol Wireless

Small Cell Sites - technology that is changing the mobile communication market

AT&T Vodafone partnership deal could provide a solution to the company’s slow growth figures

AT&T Currently in a Good Market Position According to CEO

T-Mobile Verizon spectrum deal under negotiations

Softbank - Sprint merger completed, Masayoshi moves on to acquire more networks

T-Mobile Plans Large Stock Sale in Order to Purchase Additional Spectrum

Vodafone Makes Decision to Boost Investment Spending

Investing in Cell Tower Companies Could be the Best way to Benefit from the Mobile Data Boom

Crown Castle Cell Tower updates set to cause increase in tower activity

AT&T Considering the Option of a Potential Vodafone Takeover as Early as Next Year

Sprint Acquisition - Masayoshi Son Places $20 Billion bid in Sprint Nextel Corp. Takeover Attempt

Crown Castle Makes Smart Business Move by Acquiring More Than 9,000 Existing AT&T Cell Towers

Demand for Mobile Network Capital Expenditure Set to Remain Constant

European Phone Companies Preparing for Market Entry by AT&T

Dish in Competition with Sprint in Order to Own a Portion of Clearwire

Verizon to Make Biggest Deal in a Decade with Vodafone

Sprint Shuts Down Nextel Network, 800 Jobs Lost

FCC Delays AT&T’s Purchase of Alltel 5 Days before End of Review Process

After Falling into Bankruptcy, LightSquared’s Wireless Spectrum is up for Auction

Vodafone to Sell its Verizon Holdings in Exchange for Cash

TowerPoint Capital Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Leading Institutional Investor in Cellular Sites Rebrands as TowerPoint Capital