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TowerPoint Donates to American Red Cross to Assist With Long Term Disaster Relief

Atlanta, GA, December 21, 2017 – In conclusion of the donation initiative starting October 1, TowerPoint Capital donates to the American Red Cross in an effort to assist with hurricane and...

TowerPoint Capital Continues Its Partnership with Wireless Infrastructure Association for 2018

Third consecutive year TowerPoint Capital joins the WIA to provide increasing value and industry knowledge to their landlord partners

Sprint & T-Mobile Merger… Is It Happening or Not?

News in the wireless industry has sounded like a broken record this year. Back in March, a Sprint T-Mobile deal was a hot topic with many news articles circulating with speculation that the...

Hurricane Maria Devastates Cellular Service in Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands

Recently on the TowerPoint blog, we discussed how cellular service was affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Shortly after those hurricanes passed through Texas and the southeast U.S.,...

Hurricanes and Cell Towers - How Did They Fare?

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey mark the first time two category 4 Atlantic hurricanes made landfall in the same year. Both hurricanes affected millions of people and it’s estimated to have...

TowerPoint Capital is Partnering with American Red Cross to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts


Will Sprint’s Magic Box Give the 4th Major Wireless Carrier the Boost It Needs?


Sprint T-Mobile Merger Will It Happen In 2017

It’s a story all of us have heard before… The stars could be aligning for Sprint and T-Mobile to merge this year. According to a Bloomberg Report, Sprint and its majority owner, SoftBank, met with...

Future Challenges To The Tower Leasing Model

Wireless carriers are aggressively pursuing lease renegotiations and cell site relocations which are directly impacting landlords and tower companies. The current tower leasing model is showing...

FCC Spectrum Auction Ending this Week… Merger and Acquisition Activity Expected in Full Swing

What does this mean for wireless lease land owners?